The P.O.P Strip Auto Load Display Strips

Merchandising plastic display strips are used to make your products stand out in retail shops. Our display clips and strips are available in a variety of thicknesses for light weight or heavy duty applications. Die-cut display strips provide a great presentation for impulse sales. Using vertically hung products on plastic clips and strips allows the retailer to merchandise more products without taking up premium shelf space.

Now, with our newly patented P.O.P Plastic Display Strips Auto Load System, you can present your product display "ready to hang" efficiently and with reduced labor costs.

A unique concept that delivers continuous plastic strips with clips on a roll. The key element is an air operated machine, programmable to deliver merchandising display strips with any number of clip positions. The P.O.P Auto Load System actually positions the clips and strips to facilitate loading your product on them. A foot pedal controls each cycle, including cutoff.

The Real Savings is the cost of LABOR

Apply using manual labor
• Cost of Plastic Hang Strips = $15/M
• Cost of Labor = $24/M
• Total Cost = $39/M

Apply using patented POP Easy-Load Semi-Automatic Machine
• Cost of Plastic Hang Strips = $15/M
• Cost of Labor = $12/M
• Total Cost = $27/M

Total Labor Savings = $12/M

We're presently selling 1,000,000 widgets per year on strips with clips. It's not the cost of the strips that's hurting our bottom line, it’s the labor.

That's a savings of $12,000 per year or approximately 33%.